Australian Cannabidiol Oil Artisans

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Buy CBD Oil Australia

Watch a short video introducing The Hemp Healer!

Who is The Hemp Healer?

Here at The Hemp Healer, our primary focus is manufacturing small batch, full spectrum CBD Oil in Australia, using the entire cannabis plant. We don't use a synthetic isolate and we don't add anything else other than what we extract from the plant matter (apart from coconut oil). We produce only pure, organic hemp oil that's been manufactured by a team of people who collectively have 32 years experience in growing and extracting Hemp Oil in Australia.

We have made our website as easy to use as possible. When you're ready, click the "Buy Now" link below and it will add our tincture to your cart, or click "Full Details" for more information on our Hemp tincture.

We don't sell 20 or more ineffective products, we only sell our own hand made, 10,000mg tincture, which has proven to be the most potent, most effective and most cost effective CBD Oil currently available in Australia.

Our product is 100% THC FREE and PESTICIDE FREE. Although we are not "certified organic", we assure you, the product you get from us will be 100% natural & organic, as well as COMPLETELY LEGAL. The Hemp Healer tincture will not show a positive reading on any roadside, blood or urine drug tests.

This oil is a godsend. My fibromyalgia pain is almost non-existent after a week of use. Thanks so much. I'd be lost without this.

Debbie, Vic.

I've been suffering for 8 years after a failed back fusion. This oil has allowed me to stop using opioids and get back to work.

Frank, NSW.

My son was addicted to stimulants and benzodiazepines for the past 4 years. This oil combined with CBT therapy has restored his life to how it used to be & his addictions are now a thing of the past. I was sceptical but it paid off.

Samantha, SA.

Get in Touch With us:

For further information please contact us by emailing our sales experts:

PLEASE NOTE: E-mails will be replied to between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Any emails sent outside of these hours will be replied to as soon as we are back in the office.